Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Konnyaku Jelly recipe

konnyaku jelly
You'll need:
1 packet of konnyaku jelly powder (see pic below)
200gm castor sugar
95oml water
1 can peaches (or any canned fruit), cut into wedges

Boil the 950ml water in a pot.
In a bowl, mix the konnyaku jelly powder and sugar together.
Then slowly pour the mixture into the pot, stirring continuously.
Once it's dissolved, remove from heat. (Do not let it cool too much)
Put fruits in mold, jelly cups or even muffins cups will do.
Pour jelly in.
Put in into the fridge till it's set and cold.
Serve chill. Wonderful on a hot day!!

+ kids have to watch out as the jelly mixture is hot..
+If you use another type of konnyaku jelly powder, just follow the instructions behind!!

<-----this is the one i used.

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