Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hot hot hot! Game

Our "hot and spicy" party must be complete with a game. This is played while eating the meal. The pros of this game is that you find out your tolerance towards spicyness and find out more about your friends too!! :0)

Preparation: While your friends are waiting around for the meal, get them to write out questions that they want to ask each other. After that, fold them up and put them in a box or bowl.

Rules: You have to finish your meal, including the soup.

Start playing:
Player A takes a question from the box, writes his answer behind the paper. And announces the question. The other friends have to try to guess the answer correctly.

If the neither of his friends can get the answer, player A will serve the punishment. Punishment is a tsp of Sambal added into their noodles.

The end is since all of you are eating the noodles and adding sambal to it as you go, it becomes hotter and hotter, and the one who gives up in the end, loses.

If player A doesn't want to answer the question, the other friends each add a tsp of sambal into his bowl!!

***if fire comes out from your friends mouth symbolically, stop heat with milk or a piece of bread, chew it slowly and it should stop the heat.

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