Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Simple Entertaining- Karaoke Party!

This is a very simple party, and requires minimal effort. As the title suggests, the focal point of the party is the karaoke. I have a machine which has a scoring system at the end, so, after a song is sang, the points are announced. It's lots of fun!!

What you need:
Karaoke machine
Good audio systems
Lots of songs cds

No, we can't possibly have a disco ball for just one night. So, let's have it very simple. Place a multicoloured mat, or a striking colour mat in front of the karaoke screen to create a mini stage. Put a tall standing bright lamp near the stage that directly shines on the singer, creating a spotlight.

Mini Crossants
Mini Pizzas
Fruit sticks
Lots of drinks
Iced Cold water (Lots of it to quench thirst after singing)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mystery Gift Party- Mystery Gift Party Game

Preparation for this game involves both the guests and the host.
The guests are to bring a wrapped gift each ( host can set the criteria if they want to- eg: below $10)
The host should also buy some really cheap and some expensive presents, weird ones or funny ones will make the party even more enjoyable.

Let's start the party!!
-Put all the presents in the middle. Get all the guests to sit around the presents.

-Get a pair of dice, and each person gets to roll the dice. When the person gets doubles, he/she gets to choose a gift from the middle pile. After all gets a go at rolling the dice, the ones who didn't get a present, can take turns again rolling the dice till everyone in the room gets a present.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Simple Entertaining- Mystery Gift Party

This is a feel good and a very HAPPY party. Everyone gets gifts and have fun throughout the party.


When inviting the guests, get all of the guests to buy a present, wrap it and bring it to the party.
When the guests arrive, put all the gifts aside, and briefly mention that they are not suppose to divulge their gift.

1) Big gift box with a lid which has a a big bow on top of it.
Place a label with the words :" Please take one"
Inside the gift box place cupcakes/ muffins.

2) Big gift box with flowers on it.
(similar to the picture at the side which i found at