Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mystery Gift Party- Mystery Gift Party Game

Preparation for this game involves both the guests and the host.
The guests are to bring a wrapped gift each ( host can set the criteria if they want to- eg: below $10)
The host should also buy some really cheap and some expensive presents, weird ones or funny ones will make the party even more enjoyable.

Let's start the party!!
-Put all the presents in the middle. Get all the guests to sit around the presents.

-Get a pair of dice, and each person gets to roll the dice. When the person gets doubles, he/she gets to choose a gift from the middle pile. After all gets a go at rolling the dice, the ones who didn't get a present, can take turns again rolling the dice till everyone in the room gets a present.

-Now, get a timer, and for the next 15 mins, everybody take turns rolling the dice again. Those who get a double, can exchange gifts with the one they want. Exchange continues till the time is up.

-The big reveal. You'll get to see what you got, and whether the gift that some people fought for was worth all the trouble!!

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