Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy 10th Anniversary Party Game- How well do you know each other?

Preparation: Box filled with questions either prepared by yourself or ask guests to contribute.

There's 2 parts to this game:

1st part is for the couple.
The guests picks a question from a box, and ask the couple to write down their answers on the paper, to see whether their answer matches each other.

Example of questions:
1)On your first date, who paid for the meal?
2)What is your husband's favorite drink?
3)What is your wife's favorite drink?
4)Where did your proposal take place?
5) When driving, which radio station can both of you agree on?
6) What is the best gift your husband has given to you?
7) What is the best gift your wife has given to you?
8)When was the first time they met?

2nd part is for the other guests (so that your guests won't get bored :0)
The celebrating couple picks out a question from the question box and reads it out. Then the guests each write out the answer, and match it with the celebrating couple's answers.

Example of questions:
1) What time was their wedding held?
2) What is the couple's favorite animal?
3) What is the couple's favorite thing to do together?
4) It's sunday afternoon, would they rather go to a movie or stay at home?
5) What does the husband like most of the wife?
6) What does the wife like most of the husband?
7) Where did the couple go for their honeymoon?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Simple Entertaining- Happy 10th Anniversary Party Menu

Menu: 10 items (To be laid out)

Actually, it can be anything really, but as we are thinking of quantities of 10, we've to make sure it's easy to make and or easily bought.

So , here it is:

10 Sandwiches
10 Kebab sticks
10 Chicken Wings
10 Mini trifles
10 Ferrero Rochers
10 chocolate cream biscuits
10 custard tarts/ egg tarts
10 pieces of watermelon10 glasses of Wine

Last but not least, Number 10 cake
(pic credit:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Simple Entertaining- Happy 10th Anniversary Party

I find that there are so many anniversary ideas around, but to find one that’s inexpensive and easy to do is pretty hard. Anyway, since it’s the 10th anniversary, the easiest theme will be THE NUMBER 10!!

Our theme: The number 10


Invite 10 people to the party, so there will be table settings of 10.

Centerpiece: A simple one with flowers and 10 candles.
(pic credits