Thursday, February 9, 2012

Korean Party- Simple Party Menu

Banchans/ Side Dishes: 
All of this need to be prepared in advance, and served in small bowls. However, a shortcut to this is to get all the stuff from supermarkets, if you have a bigger budget. I would suggest at least getting the kimchi  and the seaweed from the supermarkets, as it will make things easier.

Seasoned seaweed
Soybean sprouts Muchim
Spinach Namul
Garlic Chive and Cucumber Muchim
Bowl full of Big-leaf lettuce

Dwenjang Guk (Korean style miso soup)

Barley tea drink

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simple Entertaining- Korean Party

With all the hype of all the Korean dramas and fashion, even Korean food has become a favorite for many. That’s why having a Korean party with the focus on the food is definitely going to please people

Theme: Korean


None needed, just spread out the table with all the banchans (side dishes) and that’ll be the decorations. 
When I visited Korea, there were no centerpieces or decorations, so, it'll be nice and simple to follow.