Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chocolate Party Games- Do You Want More Chocolate?

chocolate bar

Get Person No 1 to roll dice. Once he gets doubles, he puts on the mittens, and starts cutting the chocolate into squares (must be square by square). He gets to eat one square at a time.
While Person No 1 does the above, Person No 2 continues to roll the dice till he gets doubles. nce he gets doubles, he yells STOP, and takes over the chocolate, till another person rolls doubles....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simple Entertaining-Chocolate Party

Chocolate!!! So many of us are crazy about chocolate, and go into whoops of delight when we see an array of chocolate. The challenge is to host a party with a budget (coz' all of us know how much good quality chocolates cost!! )

Depending on number of people, you can opt for either a sit down or buffet affair.


I would suggest either one big chocolate fountain (for a big event) or a few of these chocolate fondue pots in the middle of the table. Supply a variety of dipping items, bananas, strawberries, kiwis, biscuit sticks, vege sticks.

(If you do have the fountain or the chocolate fondue pots, consider a sit down setting, as it will minimize the damage done by drips and stains....)

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Any chocolate will do, including...

Truffles (very elegant)
Bowl of m&ms (appeals to everyone)
White and Dark chocolate squares (alternate it)
Vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce
Chocolate balls
Chocolate brownies
Chocolate peanut butter cups (check out recipes section)


For more chocolate- chocolate martini