Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simple Entertaining-Chocolate Party

Chocolate!!! So many of us are crazy about chocolate, and go into whoops of delight when we see an array of chocolate. The challenge is to host a party with a budget (coz' all of us know how much good quality chocolates cost!! )

Depending on number of people, you can opt for either a sit down or buffet affair.


I would suggest either one big chocolate fountain (for a big event) or a few of these chocolate fondue pots in the middle of the table. Supply a variety of dipping items, bananas, strawberries, kiwis, biscuit sticks, vege sticks.

(If you do have the fountain or the chocolate fondue pots, consider a sit down setting, as it will minimize the damage done by drips and stains....)

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Any chocolate will do, including...

Truffles (very elegant)
Bowl of m&ms (appeals to everyone)
White and Dark chocolate squares (alternate it)
Vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce
Chocolate balls
Chocolate brownies
Chocolate peanut butter cups (check out recipes section)


For more chocolate- chocolate martini

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