Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Simple Entertaining- Karaoke Party!

This is a very simple party, and requires minimal effort. As the title suggests, the focal point of the party is the karaoke. I have a machine which has a scoring system at the end, so, after a song is sang, the points are announced. It's lots of fun!!

What you need:
Karaoke machine
Good audio systems
Lots of songs cds

No, we can't possibly have a disco ball for just one night. So, let's have it very simple. Place a multicoloured mat, or a striking colour mat in front of the karaoke screen to create a mini stage. Put a tall standing bright lamp near the stage that directly shines on the singer, creating a spotlight.

Mini Crossants
Mini Pizzas
Fruit sticks
Lots of drinks
Iced Cold water (Lots of it to quench thirst after singing)

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