Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coffee Banana Trifle recipe

This is a easy, it just needs assembling. Target time: 30-40mins.

250gm instant custard
cold milk
2tbs of instant coffee (i used malaysian white coffee)
1 coffee swiss roll
500ml whipping cream

1) Follow instructions on instant custard packet. Instead of water, replace with milk. Dissolve instant coffee with little hot water. and add to custard. Taste, set aside.

2) Whip cream up. Set aside.

3) Cut swiss roll into rounds of 1/2 cm. Now we are going to assemble.

Line a glass bowl (see picture) with swiss roll, then custard, then bananas, and cream on top.

Repeat again with swiss roll, custard, bananas, and cream. Repeat till full, but make sure cream ends up being the top layer. Smoothen it out, and chill for 4 hrs or till your friends arrives in the evening.


  1. That looks so good <3 Thanks!

  2. yeah, it tastes wonderful too. try it!!