Monday, October 5, 2009

Simple entertaining- Cupcake Party

Oh great!! It's the school holidays again...

Kids have been asking for fun activities, and i thought maybe getting together to make cupcakes should be fun and easy. However, from experience, there are a few things to do before the kids gather to make a mess.. :)

First, is to make the icing to store, and to get a variety of decorative items.

There are so many choices at the cake supplies shops now, that's it's quite mind boggling. But, to keep it simple, this will do:

M & Ms and colourful sprinkles or chocolate rice:

And also a variety of fruits....

Next, is the work area, to limit mess... Spread out baking paper, and make sure every kid has a piece of baking paper for them to work on. There should be enough working tools for everyone too.. at least a spatula and a spoon...

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