Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Simple Entertaining-Girls Night In: Fashion Show Party!!

Girls love makeover and dressing up, that's a well known fact!! And the way to have fun with friends, is to plan a fashion show where guests will be able to show off their fashion sense!!

(pics credit: about.com)

As the host, you can decide on a theme, for example, 70s fashion, or evening dress or freestyle. Get your friends to bring another outfit, and then they will get to parade their stuff twice, once with the outfit they wear to the party, and the other one they brought.

Now, for the venue. Choose a venue with lots of space, at least a runway long enough for the models to walk it. (Or push everything into another room!! :0) Arrange chairs on both side of the runway, so that guests can sit and enjoy the view. Remember you need music for the fashion show, so choose music in advance!!
Once you have your final guests list, divide all of them into two groups. Each group gets a side of the runway, and each group will take turns going on the walkway. You'll also needto appoint someone to entertain a crowd during waiting times.

So, the program is as follows:
Guest arrives. Invite them to have some food and chat with others.
Emcee announces that the fashion will start in 15 minutes, and the first group is asked to get changed, while the second group take their places. Emcee urges everyone to clap for each one!!
Emcee gets the waiting group to take part in a fashion trivia (more in the next post)
After that, the fashion show starts!!
Then, the second group gets their chance...
And in the end, everybody votes for the best dressed one!!

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