Monday, June 8, 2009

Hotpot Party/Steamboat Party

Hotpot or steamboat (local term) is a very good party idea. It's lots of fun, and the best part is that it's simple to prepare. Hotpot is basically a simmering metal pot of stock placed at the center of the dining table. Then, ingredients are placed into the pot, and thereafter covered, so that it will be boiled and cooked. Ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetables are cooked first, and at the end, noodles are added. By that time, the soup is sweet and full of goodness, and goes well with the noodles.

The advantage of entertaining with the hotpot is that there's very little cooking time. You'll just have to prepare the stock ahead of time, and cut up all the ingredients. That's all. Just leave the rest to the guests, as they'll have a fun time putting the ingredients into the pot.
Picture this: Friends and family sitting around the table, taking part in the cooking, then while waiting, they sip tea and chat with the others, and 10-15 mins later, food is ready!!

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