Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Simple Entertaining- Housewarming Party Idea: Treasure Hunt

How to make a housewarming party interesting? It's quite boring just to have someone bring along a plate, and sit down and eat.. and of course one wants to show off the new house a bit after all the effort put in. :0)

Theme: Treasure Hunt

This unfortunately require quite a lot of preparation. But, it's quite fun for the guests.
You need a treasure map, which is essentially a floor plan of your house.
Mark a few places on the map, which you would like to show your guests. Eg: your beautiful toilet? :0)
And thereafter, at those marked places, place a bowl of wrapped sweets, chocolates or candy canes. (Try to put it at very obvious places cause you don't want people to mess up your room)

The idea is for your guests to follow the floor plan to find all the rooms you want to show them, and at the same time collect the 'treasures'. In the end, they will be led to the dining room, where the food is!

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