Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farewell Party Ideas- Fly Away and Goodbye!!

This is a basically a very simple theme-balloons!!
However, it's important to get the ones filled with helium.

The idea is to get bright colour balloons, and either:

1) First, write in big bold letters: GOODBYE!! and then get all the guests at the farewell party to write their names on the balloons. (for eg: 10 small names on a balloon)


2) Write goodbye in every language you can find on different colour balloons.
Goodbye - English
Salam - Arabic
Ciao - Italian
AufWiedersehen - German
Au Revoir - French
Hejdå - Swedish
Aloha - Hawaiian
Sampai Jumpa - Indonesian
Adios - Spanish
Paalam - Filipino
Zai Jian - Chinese, Mandarin

Tie each one with a knot and attach ribbons to make it more attractive.

Let it float up to the ceiling, if you have many.
Or you can decorate it at certain corners of the room.
Or you can even use it as centerpiece for your buffet table.

At the end of the party, gather everybody to the porch. Give them except the VIPs a balloon.
At the count of three, let go the balloons into the air, to signify the final farewell!!
(Note: The balloons will go up and finally pop and burst into small pieces!! It's quite a sight!!
Remember to detach the ribbons before you hand the balloons to the guests to let go. This is to reduce litter when the balloons bursts)

pics credit: partywarehouse.co.nz

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