Monday, February 2, 2009

Work off that barbeque!!

Now, after all that food, we need some active games, but not that active, for fear of indigestion.!! First, you should get the organizer or anyone with a powerful voice to organize everybody into two groups. Then, explain the game is a group game, where they have to work together.

Guess it! game:

Organizer: In a box, put in 5 places, 5 occupations, 5 malaysian words.
Eg: occupation: rubbish collector, fishmonger
Eg: places: leaning tower of piza, Australia.
Eg: malaysian words: nasi lemak, KLCC

How to play: Get 2 people from each group to come out. Organizer pulls out a word from box. Shows it to the 4 people. Now, each group is suppose to act out the word and let the other members of their group guess it. They are not suppose to talk at all.
Organizer announces the category (there's only two: either person/place or malaysian).

Rules: The actors are not allowed to talk, just act. No sign language, no writing out of words.
Time limit: 1min
The word must be exact. Eg: if it's KLCC, then, twin towers is wrong, it must be exactly
The group who gets the answer first has to show some signal.
Eg: All stand up, all put up their hands....

Winner: The one who guesses the fastest wins!!

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